How to Apply

Being a part of the CIRC is an honor and a serious responsibility, where professional expectations are high. That's why we have a rigorous application process for all students who want to participate.

Apply to the Criminal Investigation Resource Center

You must be a Russell Sage College student to apply to be part of the CIRC. This is an ideal opportunity for criminal justice, psychology. sociology, biology, and nursing majors, but it is open to all majors who intend to interact with the criminal justice system in some way. Graduate students, particularly in the forensic mental health and counseling fields, are also welcome to apply.

Students who are selected enroll in the center as an internship course and can earn 3 credits per semester. (Graduate students can earn externship credit.)

It is highly recommended that undergraduate students have already taken the Criminal Behavior Analysis course before they apply, which means they’re often eligible to participate in their sophomore year.

To apply you must:

  • Submit a letter of intent that explains why you want to participate in the CIRC
  • Participate in an interview with Dr. Lane and Dr. Kunkle
  • Provide at least one and up to two references from a professor/professors commenting on your interest in the criminal justice or behavior sciences
  • Taken Criminal Behavior Analysis (This is recommended but can be waived.)
  • Willing to be fingerprinted and have a criminal background check done

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