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It takes a multitude of experts from different disciplines to look at unresolved cases from many perspectives. Since CIRC is part of Russell Sage College, we have a network of internal and community-based experts who assist students in their work.

Access to Experts

Since CIRC is part of Russell Sage College, it allows access to a whole institution of various experts who can assist on a case if needed. For instance, access to forensic entomologists analyzing maggots collected; field biologists to assist on locating a dumpsite by assessing the ecological change of an area; forensic anthropologists to assist on clandestine graves.

Not only does an academic institution provide a network of experts, but the institutions also offer access to facilities that can be used for interviews, meetings, and access to technology. Beyond the faculty from Russell Sage, Dr. Kunkle and Dr. Lane have developed other networks for consultation, including:

  • Gloria Coppola
    Retired New York state major crimes investigator
  • Dr. Mercedes Fabian
    Forensic anthropologist
  • Dave Fallon, JD
    Retired FBI agent
  • Frank Galerie
    Retired Office of Attorney General investigator, statement analysis expert
  • Antoine Karam
    Retired Commanding Officer Major Investigations Unit State-Wide, Office of Attorney General
  • Mary Lyall
    Co-founder, Center for Hope
  • Emily Martin
    Librarian, archive research
  • Dr. Dave Rivers
    Forensic entomologist
  • John Santorio
    MPA, retired detective sergeant

CIRC also has connections for consulting with the Division of Criminal Justice Services (such as forensic services and missing persons), New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, New York State Crime Lab, New York State Police, New York State Archives, Office of the Attorney General, FBI, and other agencies.

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The CIRC believes that crime is a multi-disciplinary phenomenon which requires the respectful collaboration of many people, ranging from practical applications to academics. 

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